Our Mission:

To build an entrepreneurial community of military veterans in collaboration with stakeholders to create and deliver up-cycled regenerative projects.

Join us! Let's turn plastic waste into nature.

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Plastic Polluted Ocean


We are Urden.

We see a world with less plastic waste, and more plants in the urban space.

What makes us at Urden different? We want to use our military skills directly to take plastic waste from nature and create projects that serve and help nature instead. Our vision is to see urban environments pollution-free, veterans fully  engaged in purposeful projects and the successful adaptation to climate change.

 Meet Dee

  •  U.S Navy Veteran, served 8 years

  • Stationed in Japan, main duties involved aircraft firefighting and equipment maintenance, ship’s security, HAZMAT and flight deck triage.

  • Witnessed the destruction of beautiful landscapes by waste plastics during her tours around South East Asia.

  • Attempted to build career in environmental sector - saw barriers to entry from multiple angles including racial, economic and military stigma.

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